Features- T’s & C’s

Third Party Participation Terms

Licensee shall deliver all materials to Licensor prior to the release of any Recordings. “Delivery” as used herein shall mean the delivery to Licensor all Masters videos, lyrics, logos, artwork, photography, visual art, videos, track sheets with producer credits, featuring credits, publisher splits and addresses and running times, featured artist agreements, side-artist agreements, producer agreements, publishing licenses, and any other materials reasonably required by Licensor.

Licensor shall submit any agreements required hereunder to Licensee prior to release of any Master. Licensor shall make available certain agreements to Licensee as provided on the Website for the fee listed thereon, provided Licensor shall be under no obligation to use such agreements.
Licensee shall make available certain artists as so-called “side artists” (“Side Artist(s)”) for Licensor to embody on Masters Delivered pursuant to the terms of the Website. In the event Licensor elects to use any Side Artist, the following shall apply:

  • The cost for any Side Artist shall be listed on the Website (the “Fee”)
  • Upon selecting any Side Artist, Licensor shall send to Licensee the payment and any music necessary for the Side Artist to perform on the Master.
  • The Fee shall be held in escrow pending agreement on the Side Artist’s participation.
  • Side Artist shall have the right to approve or disapprove of the music requested. Should Side Artist not approve, Licensor shall have the right to make up to two (2) other submissions of music.

In the event Side Artist rejects all three submissions, the Fee shall be returned to Licensor less an administration fee of $250.In the event Side Artist agrees to perform, Side Artist shall receive ten percent (10%) of the Fee prior to the commencement of recording. Side Artist shall have no less than 30 days to complete the performance, subject to the reasonable approval of Licensor. Upon such approval the balance of the Fee shall be remitted to Side Artist.

Side Artist shall receive a share of the mechanical royalties equal to 15%, subject to any sample share. In the event of a sample, Side Artist’s share shall be pro-rated based upon the amount payable to the sample owner.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Licensor shall be responsible for any and all agreements relating to any side artist appearance, whether a Side Artist hereunder or not.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, Licensor shall be responsible for any and all payments due to any producer of Master(s) Delivered hereunder.